The Daily Profit Puzzle
Be Small Business Happy!
Too Many Hats
Not Enough Heads for
All the Jobs To Be Done
By nature, small business owners tend to try to accomplish more with fewer people. It doesn't even matter if you're qualified. If the job or task is necessary for success, you either do it or it doesn't get done.
Is It Necessary?
Base the jobs required by your business on your goals. Use action plan steps to determine your personnel needs. No need, no job.
Skills & Attitudes?
What does a person have to know how to do to perform the required job. Does a person's general attitude play a role in the job?
Hire or Pick?
You can use a hiring process or you can pick somebody because you know them and feel they'll do a good job. It's your choice?
Hiring should be done in response to your small business goals and what it takes to achieve them, not what you hate doing or who you like working with.